• Due to the pandemic, the outreach activities occurred online. We expect to resume all normal activities starting from Fall 2022.


  • Qiushi, Bingchen, Cheng, Chen and Shaofan presented simple experiment demonstrations to kids and their families at the Family Science Night to get them excited for scientific projects.


  • Bingchen, Qiushi, and Cheng participated in the Yale Pathways to Science orientation, where middle & high school students were inspired to be the next generation of scientists.


  • Bingchen worked as a volunteer in a CRISP fall public lecture at Yale University. He helped with hands-on demonstration about “Invisibility of Matters”.
  • Qiushi served as a volunteer in Girls’ Science Investigation (GSI) event hosted by Yale Physics department. He introduced basic optics principles to middle school girls with hands-on demonstrations of fiber optics and periscope.

  • Bingchen worked as a volunteer in CRISP Public Lecture at Southern Connecticut State University. He helped with hands-on demonstration about hydrophobic Nano Sand.

  • Jethin Gowda and Nikzad Khani in local Amity High School won the Naval High School Science Award for their graphene project! Bingchen and Cheng are their mentors.


  • Vivian Sun from New Jersey Peddie School spent her summer time in our group. She learned how to exfoliate 2D materials and constructed devices using the deterministic transfer method.

  • Fengnian was recognized by local Amity Regional High School for advising Arvene Golbazi and Owais Khan on their research projects.