Welcome to Prof. Fengnian Xia’s research group in Department of Electrical Engineering at Yale University.

Electrical Engineering is highly inter-disciplinary, and key breakthroughs require understandings on multiple fields. As a research group focusing on future generation solid state devices, many of our projects are at the crossroads of engineering, condensed matter physics and artificial intelligence. On one hand, we investigate and discover the exciting physical properties of emerging quantum materials. On the other hand, as device engineers, we invent intelligent devices by leveraging the latest discoveries in condensed matter physics, developments in artificial intelligence, and innovations in materials synthesis and device engineering.  

Main research directions in the group are:
  • Quantum geometry and band topology of emerging materials

  • Intelligent sensing enabled by deep learning and reconfigurable devices 

  • Infrared imaging and sensing devices

  • Nonconventional synthesis of emerging quantum materials 

Please visit the research page for highlights, or check out the publication list for our current and past work.


 We are grateful for the support from Yale University and many funding agencies.